Monthly Meal Package

Lunch / Dinner:


20 Meals –  3000


Lunch Meals: Plain Rice, Lemon Rice/Puliyogere/Pulao, Dal/ Curry, Veg Fry/Sambar/Rasam, Pickle, Curd Rice, Masala Papad


Dinner Meals: 2 Chapati, Plain Rice/Jeera Rice, Dal/Curry/Sambar/Rasam, Pickle, Curd Rice, Masala Papad



Packing standards:

Fresh food will be provided in high quality Food grade PP containers with Silver Foil Sealing for the hygiene’s. We use high Grade utensils for cooking brands like Wonderchef, Prestige, Pigeon, etc. We maintain constant quality in food and do not use Soda in Rice and other food items.